Bucket List for the Car Enthusiast, from Museum Trip to Racing School

Bucket list is what makes people don’t stop chasing their dream, and all people have it. That’s why car enthusiast has it as well. Planning to know it in order to help them getting it real? Well, this list got it for you! However, you need to know almost all of car fanatics’ preferences may cost you a fortune. You’ve been warned.

  1. A museum car trip will never be wrong!

You think museums are boring? It’s not anymore. With cars put on the spotlight, your car enthusiast friend will thankyou for theofferand start tolove every bit of you. Adding knowledge will never be this fun! If you want to go as extreme as possible, flying your way to the German’s car museum will never be wrong.

  1. A long, dedicated road trip

Cars are the new planes. Why not bringing their cars to engrave such travelling experience? No need to get a car if it is used for display only, so start its engine, plan where to go, and have a time for a long journey ahead. The experience will be priceless: sequences of roads and cities, moments to cherish, and the lovely car to accompany.

  1. Racing school

Starting to live the dream as F1 driver sounds not bad, doesn’t it? Well, tell your friend to stop fantasizing and begin learning the how-to of being high-speeddrivers. Just remember thatthe charge will be on you, and it’s not a dollarortwo.

  1. Famous cars miniature

Miniatures cannot be ridden, but the charm isn’t nonetheless lacking. As long as you don’t bring your old, rusty, childhood cars miniature to gift, you’re safe. That’ll be more precious if you gift your friend a famous, exclusive car miniature.

  1. Rally school

If your pal loves adventure, then it’s not a bad idea to get them a ticket to a rally school. Not only it will be fun tackling rough terrain, but the joy is also abundant!

So, what do you think about those five bucket lists of car enthusiast? You can be a part of it, especially for that trips mentioned above. That will make your friendship even better as you spend time together.