How To Get Rid of Lines On Copies HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile Printer

Hey guys another video on the HP Officejet 250 mobile printer, is basically a printer with the battery that you can just use anywhere you can use it in your car a lot of adjusters use it a lot of people that go out and make estimates use it. And if you’re one of those and you’re trying to make a copy on this one, this is another cool feature that it has.

This is where the the copy feeds into here and it prints out from over here, and you probably note that so far and basically this video I titled that it lines on printed out copies.

How To Get Rid of Lines On Copies HP OfficeJet 250

So if you’re having lines that go across the page that drag all the way down from top to bottom most likely you have something in this area right here this is where the scanner, bulb is in here. So as it feeds you put the sheet down, face down, like so, so the printed page is gonna be down and it feeds right over that scanner bulb.

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And if it has something on it, this one is very clean and I just made a copy and that’s very good but if yours makes a line just go ahead and clean this right over this metal bracket here. That’s where the glass is so just go ahead and clean that.

What I recommend doing for that is just a simple window cleaning solution works very well. So just take a paper paper towel peace do not ever spray any liquid in here into the printer. So just put some cleaning solution on the paper towel, you don’t need much, and just kind of put it over your finger like this here, and just wipe it clean try to make it as small as possible so you don’t leave any paper towel pieces in here like if it rips over here and it stays and it can cause you some paper jams later.

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So I just go ahead and clean that and then wipe it down dry. So try to be very careful because these parts can break easy, if you put force on it or something, if you’re still having lines or after you’ve cleaned it and you inspected it with a flashlight.

That’s what I like to do put some light on it and make sure there isn’t anything there and if you do spot something basically whiteout or something like that. That’s somewhere in here just go ahead and clean that if you weren’t able to clean it with the paper towel and cleaning solution window cleaner.

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Just go ahead and use some alcohol swab or put some alcohol on a paper towel and try to wipe it down. It could be a sharpie it could be a pen mark, less likely but more like a marker or a sharpie mark, and one of the most common ones would the copy and the fax feeders is the the whiteout.

Even though not many people use it today but still it comes in here, into these feeders sometimes. so check for that and then inspect it again and you should be good to go so hopefully I was able to help you with the issue that you had on your printer. Thankyou for reading the article, and check more tutorial at