Keep Animals Away From Camp With Outdoor Animal Repellent

There is one thing that always makes outdoor camping different from your bedroom. Yes, bugs and animals. Even the certified campsite will not be free from bug infestation. Thus, what you should have in the outdoor gear list is animal repellent. There are tons of things you can use anyways, from chemical products to garlic, here are some items you can bring for camp.

Things To Repel Animals From Your Camp

1. Liquid Or Granular Repellents

If you are looking for the easy to buy products, take a look at the repellent in the markets. There are tons of options that are made by animal control professionals. For example the critter ridder. This kind of product has different kinds of ingredients that are mostly made of natural substances. The function itself is more likely to prevent bugs or raccoons from coming into your trash.

2. Fire And Light

Some of the nocturnal rodents hate lights and so do the bugs that hate fire. Upping your fire and lighting game can be one of the best examples to keep away some nasty guests. You can list them like mice, moles, skunks, squirrels, mosquitoes, or creepy crawlies. At some point, you can also use flashing lights to scare bears away.

3. Something Smelly

Bringing garlic as part of your outdoor gear might sound tedious, but it helps you away from mosquitoes, bugs, rodents, or raccoons. You can even bring up apple cider, vinegar, ammonia, or sulfur in the form of commercial animal repellent products for animals such as snakes. If you are looking for a good scent, then pick some rosemary or lavender.

There are more than just three options to make an effective animal repellent. In this case, the states that you should bring liquid or granular repellent products from the markets. Get some nasty smelly products or improve your fire game. You can check for some cool outdoor activities info.